Hello World!

Hi there!

I'm Daz and I'm itching to share all my hard-earned game design lessons with you.

I've been a professional game designer for Halfbrick for over 6 years and I've spent much of that time training up new designers - so I'd like to think I've got something of value to share.

Design Seeds isn't my ivory tower. It isn't a soapbox that I'll preach from. And I don't expect to get rich and famous. I want to give you practical information, and I want to hear how you use it. I want regular visitors to help the new guys. And I want to foster a community of designers who appreciate good design. After all, design is too big for any of us to fully know - so there's no point hoarding!


I'm keen to focus on topics that I feel are often overlooked by new designers and a lot of institutions. I'm going to start things off with foundational game mechanics, probably with a dash of psychology and a pinch of responsible design attitudes. The first series of articles is going to cover feedback! :)

I really hope you decide to stick around and maybe even subscribe!



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