About Design Seeds

With Design Seeds, I want to share what I’ve learnt with new and established designers. My hope is that it leads to genuine personal and professional growth.

I'm open to this resource being used for education, but I'm aiming to excite and inspire designers who aren't in (or perhaps can't afford) formal courses.

About Me

I’ve worked professionally as a designer at Halfbrick for over 6 years, and been involved in adopting agile and people-first practices. But more importantly, I’ve been skilling up new designers for long enough to know that I have valuable knowledge to impart - about both good design practice and responsible design attitudes.

I don’t consider myself an authority; I learnt from the wisdom of others and by making mistakes - and I plan on showcasing both. :)

With Design Seeds, I aim to be open, honest, genuine, generous and respectful. All I ask of you is that you follow my lead.